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  • Community Events

    Adventurers League - Christopher Sloan - DDEX2-03 The Drowned Tower
    7-18-18 5:30 pm - Eisenhower Community Center
    Dungeons and Dragons at Lodestone Coffee Minnetonka, MN

    - This is a Tier 2 module so it is **not for new players**. I have a Saturday morning game for new players, as well as we run games on Thursday night for anyone.- 5 player spots will be given to the first 5 to sign up (I like small table sizes!)-...

    Fireside Meeting
    7-18-18 5:30 pm - Eisenhower Community Center
    Fireside Business Networking Group

    Our meeting itinerary is the same each week: 7:10AM-7:25AM Open Networking 7:25AM-9:00AM Structured Meeting 9:00AM and Beyond is Open Networking.   "Sphere Meetings" are also offered after each Wednesday, but are optional.  "Sphere Meetings"...

    Learn How to Pick Winning ASOTV Ideas / See Inventors Pitch Their Ideas Live
    7-18-18 5:30 pm - Eisenhower Community Center
    Inventors Network of Minnesota

    Come and Learn:1. Learn how to identify winning product concepts:• Deal or Dud? Learn to Spot the Next Big Product Idea• Licensing Agreement Fundamentals• Prototypes & Demo Videos That Sell Ideas “As Seen On TV”• Understanding...

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